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The Services that we Provide

Here, at Galactic Wizards, we focus on bringing a different mindset into the business. Therefore we are helping businesses and brands, expand and grow with creative strategies. We are an innovative company, always learning, testing and watching. In other words, we have an outside the box thinking.


Our services are focused on the present and future of consumer behavior and content consumption. But we also try to never forget the past either. 

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 We manage your social media accounts and interactions with your online public.

We work with influencers that are ready to promote your business and engage with your target customers.

 We find solutions and come up with creative ideas. Therefore the amazing campaigns and solutions for your business.

Our team creates beautiful and amazing content created specially for your campaign. In addition we create for any platform. Whether online or offline, we are here for you.

Our Creative Process



Firstly we research the business, the market and the target clients. Then we analyze and study the data.



Secondly we get together to create a plan. Then we refine it as much as we can.



Thirdly we take action on our ideas and concept. Above all we make it work.



We had a great working relationship and we always managed to finish our projects in time.”

Director & Produces at VMP films, USA
Vitaly Sumin

Producer & Director – VMP Films

I have worked with those guys and they are awesome. I strongly recommend them for their professionalism and originality. Therefore, for all entrepreneurs, time is the essence and GalacticWizards perfectly understands that.

Owner of
Stefan Bologa



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